Photo Challenge day 4: My TS lock Screen. 

The first photo is my old lock screen from way back when, and the second is my current lock screen (only has Tessa in it, not scott)

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Photo challenge day 3: Best picture of Scott
Does he not look adorable in this picture?!?!
(Team FD, Sochi oympics, starting pose
Photo Challenge day 2: I’ve probably blogged this like 1000000 times, but this is the best picture of Tessa (in my opinion)
(Team FD at the Sochi Olympics, end pose)
Carmen appreciation post.
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special spot - sochi edition - part 2

omg too cute for words

Photo Challenge Day 1:  Cutest T&S moment

I am torn between these two haha. Tessa giving Scott a massage on the ice and an interview during AOI 2014

They also had a relly cute moment at the seminar I went to that I can just describe here for you:

They were sitting at this table in front of all of us (it was set up kind of like a mini press conferance, minus the press). So they start talking and then Scott gets up and says “Yeah I’m not sitting down.” He goes to the front of the table and leans on it. Then they continue talking and Tessa gets up shortly and goes to stand/lean on the table next to him. Then the table shifts a bit when she leans on it and Scott looks over at her and she says “I just wanted to look cool like you, y’know…”

It was super adorable I wish I had filmed it!!

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Starting this today!

For you nonnie, this is the pic from my icon!
Hello there Queen Tessa :)
Happy Tessa Tuesday :))
Happy Moir Monday!!!