Photo Challenge Day 7: TS with MC
Credit to @team_canton on instagram
Starting school today :/
but on the bright side, it’s Tessa Tuesday!
Happy Moir Monday *Scott blows kiss*
Photo Challenge day 6:
Tessa and Scott with Marina, who is clapping because they just broke a world record!!!!!!!!!
Photo Challenge day 5: The Virtue Family!
They are all so cute omg
I got this picture from their book!

Photo Challenge day 4: My TS lock Screen. 

The first photo is my old lock screen from way back when, and the second is my current lock screen (only has Tessa in it, not scott)

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Photo challenge day 3: Best picture of Scott
Does he not look adorable in this picture?!?!
(Team FD, Sochi oympics, starting pose
Photo Challenge day 2: I’ve probably blogged this like 1000000 times, but this is the best picture of Tessa (in my opinion)
(Team FD at the Sochi Olympics, end pose)
Carmen appreciation post.
Insp. by (x)

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special spot - sochi edition - part 2

omg too cute for words